How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

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Originally written 11/18/16; edited 11/23/16

Serious question – Has anybody figured out what you’re gonna do with all the alt-right people when they get driven out of society.

Cuz’ if that’s a goal, then the answer to that question is kinda important…and I haven’t really seen one yet.

Let me add a little more context to the question lest someone think I’m being a jerk. When we build testing programs, which is in essence a program where you find problems, you also have to have a process for dealing with those problems. Finding issues is only half the answer and while it is an important step it is not the last one. What has been missing from many of the discussions I have seen is a lack of a real actionable plan beyond “get them up out of here!”. OK, and, where should they go?

Well the logical place for them is their own social network. And the logical animal for the logo is a frog.

While it might sound like a loaded question, I’m genuinely curious if I’m missing that part of the conversation because Facebook is keeping it out of my feed. Or is it a signal of not truly thinking a problem all the way through?

It is an important point, as recently NPR interviewed one of the alt-right leaders in an effort to provide fair and balanced journalism. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibilities that they may never go back under the sheets and behind closed doors again and if so, how do we adjust to the open presence as a society, effectively providing a counter-message to the slogan of America as a melting pot? It’s looking more like a tribal stew to me. And while stew is tasty, it isn’t the meal most would prefer to acknowledge we serve.

I also wonder don’t we have an alt-left as well? People so blindly optimistic about human nature that they ignore what they observe?

Don’t mind me, I’m trying to put my brain back together after this election and don’t mind doing it in front of others if somehow the vulnerability of the experience lets people know they’re not alone in the process. Never been a pitchfork and torches kinda guy so I’m not going to adjust to our new reality by forgetting about logic and joining the internet mob.


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