#BlackSTEMLikeMe – Interviews With The Next Generation

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When discussing my inclusion in the #BlackSTEMLikeMe with the campaign’s Social Media Strategist, I casually asked if there was any interest in letting me contribute in other ways as well. Intrigued by the ask, we brainstormed briefly and concluded that it would be a great idea to speak with some of our future potential STEM leaders. I gladly accepted the offer and got started on pulling together the blog idea.

Having worked with several parents/teens in the MVP stage of my prior startup I reached back out to that group of parents, as well as solicited participation from the other parents in my social networks. First a disclaimer – I am not a professional videographer nor am I a media professional so you will be seeing the brief conversations in full. I am just a guy who fell in love with technology at a young age lucky enough to have parents and others recognize that interest and support it. What I wanted to achieve with these interviews is to provide a peek behind the curtain into the thoughts of a teen with that same type of nascent fascination with technology and the types of decisions and mentorship needs they might have to truly connect them to the field as a career.

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