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Talks With Soul is a weekly podcast, hosted by college friends Jennifer Ekeleme and Anthony Braddy, where they uncover new perspectives on current social topics related to pop culture, advertising, technology, and sports…and everything in between.

In our first season, we’ll discuss our favorite topics and ask our guests the important question, “…when’s the last time you had a short talk that shifted your soul and how you see the world?”

The podcast launched in the Summer of 2016 and is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. Browse past episodes here.

Interested in advertising/partnership opportunities? Get in touch at or on the Twitter machine at @talkswithsoul.

Our Hosts


Anthony Braddy, Creator and Co-Host. Anthony is a self-proclaimed blerd, proud Father of two sassy young ladies, comics kingpin, anime aficionado, globe-trotting nomad, and successful serial entrepreneur. Follow and connect with him: @aebraddy

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Jennifer Ekeleme, Creator and Co-Host. Jennifer is a freelance strategist and career strategy coach with an obsession for international travel, entrepreneurship, hot yoga and all the spiritual hippie-dippie stuff that makes your grandma clutch her pearls.  Follow and connect with her: @jekeleme